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Alrightee... So I've decided to invest in a new pair of runners, but am being thoroughly fickle. My previous pairs have all been Nikes out of sheer trend-following and frankly - though this might offend Nike fans - they're not that great. So moving on, an Adidas or some Pumas seem like the next love of my life. But the Adidas craze here in Singapore has mostly been about their classics while Pumas are almost unheard of except for scary minority who bite you if you insult their Pumas. So I can barely get feedback from anyone here. My runners take a variety of knocks, running no more than thrice a week, jumping rope and when someone's annoyed me, a dash of pilates. ALSO, since runners are so damn comfy I wear them whenever I want to go work and shout "relaxed". Do Puma runners live up to the above? Or should I willingly let myself be bamboozled by the specs-spouting Nike and Adidas promoters?

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